Hair: Red | Height: 5'7"
(Top - A flat; chest belt to C/Bottom – F below middle C)


  • TikimentarySupportingFierce Productions


  • Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-enSeries
  • One Life to LiveCo-starABC
  • Theater/Comedy

  • House of Inappropriate FashionMs. Velveteen10 Penny Comedy Show at Coney Island Baby NYC
  • Foiled AgainMs. Velveteen10 Penny Comedy Show at Coney Island Baby NYC
  • Bombed in the ShelterMs. Velveteen10 Penny Comedy Show at Coney Island Baby NYC
  • Hurricane HattieHurricane HattieTiki Resort (Lake George, NY)
  • The Wizard of OzWicked Witch of the WestAmerican Family Theater (National Tour)
  • Mother's Other LivesBrendaDuplex
  • Mother's Other LivesBrendaExpanded Arts
  • A Sinful LifeBaby BumpMollyhouse Productions
  • A Camel Killed HimSarahTurnip Theatre Company
  • Double TakeAgent ZAboutface Theatre Company
  • Building DreamsAngelaAboutface Theatre Company
  • ArabesquePamelaRyan Repertory Company
  • Come Kiss Me, Sweet and TwentyMaryRyan Repertory Company


  • ActingKen Schatz Studio, 78th Street Theatre Lab, National Shakespeare Conservatory
  • MonologuePaul Fouquet
  • VoiceKurt Peterson
  • Song InterpretationKimberly Vaughn Performance Studio
  • CommercialBrooke & Mary, Barry Shapiro
  • ImprovThe PIT (Chris Griggs, level 1), Groundlings


Comedy writer, lyricist (member of ASCAP), 1960s go go dance, swimming (crawl, underwater), bartending, hula hoop, sewing, kitsch food expert, valid passport and drivers license (automatic transmission)

My Christmas record (vinyl and download) can be found here: It's Martini Time

Click here to download my latest song, "Touch My Lips"